Welcome to Rainbow Air helicopter tours. Rainbow Air is located at 9990 Porter Road, Niagara Falls, New York. Rainbow Air has quiet turbine engine helicopters which will provide you with the most unique experience of your visit to Niagara Falls. Rainbow Air is proud to have served the Niagara Region since 1995.

We Fly Niagara Falls!

Take one of the most breathtaking tours Niagara Falls and Western New York has to offer.

Your limousine to the sky awaits you, your family and friends to enjoy the majestic power and beauty of the Niagara and Horseshoe Falls from the air. Our 4 passenger McDonnell Douglas 500E Helicopter ensures that everyone has a window seat!

Rainbow Air offers longer duration flights by special request. Rainbow Air offers Commercial Helicopter Limousine service from the Niagara Falls International Airport located at 9990 Porter Road, Niagara Falls, NY.

Rainbow Air Inc.’s team of professionals operate in Restricted Airspace that surrounds the mighty Niagara Falls and Horseshoe Falls. Highly respected in the aviation community for over 35 year, our Director of Operations is also an avid pilot, A&P mechanic, aviation business owner, worldwide consultant and owner of various airplanes and helicopters. His vast knowledge and experience has proven to be an enormous asset to our daily operations.

Our professional A&P Mechanic and Director of Maintenance meticulously maintain our aircraft daily.

Our pilots are highly skilled and experienced with various Military and Medical Evacuation backgrounds and previous occupations. The safety of our pilots and passengers is paramount in our business. This requires our pilots to have yearly training by the FAA.

Rainbow Air Flight Path